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  • 7-12 October 2018 Autumn Week

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    Autumn Week

    A five day course designed to open inner doors within personal development, inner potential, psychic ability and to meet the needs of the individual. We will be using the Mountain Meditation as a tool. Whether you are experienced in these fields or not this week has something to offer everybody. It is all about working with yourself, fun and laughter.
  • 11-14 September 2018 Spiritual Healing and Intuition 

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    Spiritual Healing and Intuition

    This is a course in Spiritual Healing and Intuition, with a total of three parts spread across approximately one and a half years. We will be going through different aspects of what is important to learn to eventually be able to work as a healer. During the course there will be exercises within psychometry to develop your intuition and communication.

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