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The Mountain Meditation


The concept of the Mountain Meditation (MM) began when Terry Evans own life was in crises because of illness. He was inspired to write a poem called “Oh humble friend”, which became the beginning of the development of the MM. The symbol of the poem was a mountain and the message was about feelings and personal responsibility. Later, as the meditation developed, Terry realised that it takes the individual on an inner journey to meet oneself. Subsequently, on-going experience proved that MM allows the user to develop a relationship with the unknown world within.

Imagination and intuition are key factors when working with this technique and can subsequently be developed as tools for personal development.

On a personal level this technique has enabled Terry to answer many questions and resolve many issues by allowing the combination of intellect and feelings to work together.

MM was first introduced as a method of meditation in Iceland. It is now based in Sweden, where it continues to be accepted as a valuable tool for personal development.

The method can be used when working with a group or an individual dynamic.


  • MM is a technique for the development of Emotional Intelligence.
  • MM is a tool for developing the language of intuition.
  • MM is a technique for personal development that allows the user to discover their own truth.
  • MM is a way of discovering positive hidden potential.
  • MM does not give you solutions, but can help you find them by offering you a choice.
  • MM does not say what is good or bad, right or wrong – it simply helps the individual understand more about themselves.
  • MM is a method of understanding one’s own feelings and the effect they have on our inner and outer reality. It helps the participant put words to those feelings clearly.
  • MM is a tool for creating a language based on the individual´s emotional structure. This allows the user to make a real contribution based on who they are and not what they think they are expected to be.
  • MM can improve levels of communication in a business meeting or with team development.
  • MM can enhance the way in which we relate professionally, domestically, and socially, bringing a better quality to our everyday life.
  • MM connects us with the vast inner resource that we may not have fully harnessed and developed.
  • MM is practised in a group situation and therefore creating aspects of how we cope with our everyday reality.
  • Once learned, this method can be used individually.

What can all these keys add up to? The opportunity of choice, enabling us to leave behind modes of behaviour that no longer serve our personal aims.

How can MM be used

  • When used individually it can be a good aid in preparing for the day ahead.
  • MM is best used in a group of no more than seven people, co-ordinated by an authorised Mountain Leader. This is suitable for those who wish to meet on a regular basis and work with this method.
  • MM can be used to identify a group or individual dynamic on an intensive course.
  • MM can be used to identify the roles and the natural resource that exists within any given professional group or any other form of group structure.

Certified Mountain Leaders

The Mountain Leaders listed in our records have announced that they are active and receiving people for mountain meditation groups to the extent that they can accommodate. You will find Mountain Leaders in your area by following this link.

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