Clairvoyant demonstration with Marita Bladh in Fanthyttan, September 20th 2018

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A clairvoyant demonstration with Marita Bladh

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Clairvoyant demonstration with Marita Bladh

“I started my clairvoyant journey in year 2000, when I started an education with Terry Evans as a teacher. It was a transforming journey, which took me where I am today in the spiritual field. I am very grateful to be able to work with the spirit world and to be given the possibility to communicate what they want to say.”

Old Village school, Terry Evans course center, Fanthyttan 319, 711 96 Storå

  • 45 seats
  • Refreshments are included in the price
  • The evening begins at 19:00 and ends at 21:30.
  • Entrence untill 18.45
  • Minimum age 18

We offer a light dinner from 17:00 to 18:00. Price SEK 98/ meal, including beverages, bread and butter, salad, coffee / tea and cake. If you would like to add dinner reservations, please let us know in advance to facilitate planning for the kitchen and also if you have any kind of food allergies.

Should you wish to stay overnight, do not hesitate to book Bed & Breakfast at our course center “Gamla Byskolan”. Price SEK 550 / person (dormitory). It is also possible to book a private reading or healing with Anki Pettersson in connection with this evening. Pre-booking only.

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