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Learning To Manage Psychic Experiences

Course content

This course is based on many of the questions that Terry Evans has received from people who do not know how to deal with their experiences and what they really mean. For some this can lead to chaos in their everyday life, and in some cases people can even lose their own identities. It is an introduction in learning what part the individual can play. Being constantly open to these influences can and does drain our natural energy.

The course is also an introduction to how you can begin to learn to manage these things as an ordinary person that is not interested in becoming a medium or a healer, but just wishes to have a better balance and quality to their life. You will be introduced to aspects of yourself that contribute to this perpetual state of openness.

We will clarify and work on the following points

  • Do these experiences come from spirit contacts?
  • Are you receptive to how other people feel?
  • Is your intuition operating without you realising it?
  • Are you so open that you are picking up signals from all three categories, without knowing how to separate or recognize the source?
  • Do you know how to open up and close down to these things in order for you to give yourself natural protection?
  • Have you possibly allowed yourself to become an emotional dumping ground for other people’s feelings and problems?

Terry Evans has been working with these questions for many years and has realised that the solution is not just giving a simple answer. The course will be constructed to enable the participants to take a step closer towards themselves, understanding why they are open and in the end ask themselves these questions: What responsibility do I need to take and what will my next step be? The aim of this course is to show participants how they can play their part in finding solutions and thus bring a better balance and quality to their lives.

During the course we will also show you how the Mountain Meditation can be used as a tool to open and close yourself. Every course part starts in the evening at 6.00 pm day 1 and finishes at lunch time the last day.

Course leader: Terry Evans


  • Individuals: SEK 7 820 inclusive of VAT* for each part.
  • Companies: SEK 7 820 exclusive of VAT, total SEK 9 775* for each part.

Course dates

6-9 November 2018

Information & registration

Full board and sleeping accommodation included. Interpreted to Swedish.

Notice of interest list is open!

Note: Do not pay for a course before you have received an invitation from Creative Experiences Terry Evans AB

*We reserve the right for possible price changes.

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