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Leadership and Intuition with Terry Evans

Course content

A course for those already working with groups or in situations that require being in contact with people. During this course we will be looking at how intuition can be used as a tool to improve leadership skills; to dare listen to the information that our individual intuition gives us when working with an individual or in a group dynamic. Intuition can prove to be an excellent tool to understand what signals a person or a group is sending out and in so doing, understand what a group or an individual really is asking for.

In recognising the message or the signal that the group dynamic is sending out it is then possible to recognise what actually is being said on an unconscious level. That can further prove to be a very good tool to solve problems and help take the group or the individual one step further.

What are the benefits?

Better communication that can help you come into contact with your natural intelligence and being able to identify the aspects of your personality that are hindering you from going further. We will present the concept of “intellect and intuition working hand in hand.”

Course leader: Terry Evans


  • Individuals 6 800 SEK inclusive of VAT for each part.* (From January 1, 2018, the price is 7 820 SEK inclusive of VAT.*)
  • Companies: 6 800 SEK exclusive of VAT, total 8 500 SEK for each part.* (From January 1, 2018, the price is 7 820 SEK exclusive of VAT, total sum 9 775 SEK.*)

Information and registration

Full board and sleeping accommodation in 2-4 bedded rooms included.
Interpreted to Swedish.

Note: Do not pay for a course before you have received an invitation from Creative Experiences Terry Evans AB

*We reserve the right for possible price changes.

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