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Investigating Paranormal Activity and Cleansing

Course content

This course is for mediums that have completed basic medium training with Terry Evans. To be eligible to apply for this training you are required to have at least two years of experience in working as a medium with mental mediumship i.e private readings and group demonstrations etc.

The purpose of the course is to learn how to separate different kinds of energies in different situations, and then learn how to deal with them in an emotionally intelligent way.

The education consists of three parts covering a period of 12 months. The work during the course will be of both theoretical and practical nature.

Applicants are required to submit a short resume of training and background. We would also like you to specify how much and how regularly you work. We accept applications sent in by e-mail. One A4 is sufficient.

Course leader:  Terry Evans


  • Individuals 7 820 SEK inclusive of VAT. for each part*
  • Companies 7 820 SEK exclusive of VAT, total sum 9 775 SEK for each part.*

Course dates

Course F:
Part 1: 6-9 February 2018

Part 2: 4-7 September 2018
Part 3: Not set 

Information and registration

On this course we use a contract between the course participant and Creative Experiences Terry Evans AB.
Full board and sleeping accommodation included. Interpreted to Swedish.

Notice of interest list is open!

Note: Do not pay for a course before you have received an invitation from Creative Experiences

*We reserve the right for possible price changes.

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