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Consultation (discussing paranormal experiences) – Private Reading – Spiritual Healing – Psychic Investigation – Clairvoyant Demonstrations


What our house medium offers

It is now possible to book a consultation discussing your paranormal experiences,  a private reading or a healing session during your stay at the course centre.

I, Ingela Collin, work as the “House medium”, and I am available during the free time you have on your course. Those of you who do not attend a course are also welcome to book a reading or healing. You also have the possibility to book a clairvoyant demonstration or psychic investigation.

You are welcome to read more about me on my website: www.maginas.se

Consultation (discussing paranormal experiences)

Do you feel the need to speak to someone in order to get help with your paranormal experiences? Would you like to understand what happens when in a big crowd of people? You may have some paranormal activity in your home or are experiencing things that you cannot explain. This consultation can perhaps help you find answers to the questions you have about spirit and/or paranormal phenomena, how to close down for external influence, etc. Speaking to me can possibly help you understand what is going on and what you need to do to be able to come to terms with the situation you are in.

Private Reading

Loved ones, relatives, and friends who are not with us anymore have the possibility to make contact with you through a medium. The spirits coming through can be anyone who has had some form of relationship with you: a childhood friend, your mother’s cousin, father’s brother, or an old school teacher etcetera. It is the Spirit World that decides who will leave a message for you or just wishes to convey that life after our passing continues. The medium can be able to describe  the appearance, personality, or other significant traits that will help you recognize the contact. Old relatives that you may not have had the opportunity to get to know, when alive, can also come through.


Healing is a method used to activate the body and mind to heal itself through the universal life force that exists around us. The healer is a channel for this force that strengthens and balances the recipient. We can feel the healing energy flowing through our bodies like waves, a feeling of flowing water, or as tingling sensation or pain in our body. We can experience thousands of sensations, images, feelings – anything that the mind and body can perceive. We might receive insights and have sudden realisations. It is possible for you to experience all this, or nothing at all, during a healing session; and everything is equally normal.

Psychic investigation

During this type of investigation the medium will read the different energies in the house/the place.

  • The individual dynamic and the group/family dynamic
  • The history/memory of the place
  • Disturbing spirits or entities
  • Spirits wanting to offer help (e.g. relatives)

The medium establishes contact with possible spirits and conveys the information coming through for the group/family. She also conveys information regarding other energies that may be present. Then the medium, assisted by their spirit team, starts to guide lost spirits towards the light and finally disturbing energies will be cleared out. The family/group are welcome to assist. A few days may pass before all the activity eventually ceases.

Clairvoyant demonstrations

A clairvoyant demonstration is a demonstration of mental mediumship with several participants present. That is, a meeting with a number of participants receiving spiritual contact through a medium. The purpose of a clairvoyant demonstration is to provide evidence that life does not end after death, that there are other dimensions for us to discover. This is done by the spirit contact conveying greetings, often appertaining to everyday life and comments through the medium. These comments and greetings might have a special meaning for the person receiving the message.


Consultation (paranormal experiences, 45 min): SEK 600 inclusive of VAT.

Private reading: SEK 600 inclusive of VAT.

Spiritual healing: SEK 600 inclusive of VAT.

Clairvoyant demonstration, including coffee and tea during the break: SEK 190 per person.

Psychic investigation: SEK 1200 plus travel expenses. In cases where a return visit is needed the cost will be SEK 600 plus travel expenses, if booking is made within a month, later than that you will have to pay full price.

Please note: Pre-payment only!

In case of cancellation no later than one day before your booked session you will be reimbursed with 50% of the pre-paid fee (applies to private readings or healing sessions).
You will not be reimbursed in case of a no-show.

It is also possible to pre-book an appointment for the next course occasion.

Group sessions at Gamla Byskolan Autumn 2017

Do you long for someone to talk to about ”ghosts” and spiritual matters? Do you have questions and thoughts, experiences you do not understand, or are you just curious? There are many of us who wonder and think about what else could be ”out there”. Do “ghosts” exist? Is there a Spirit World? And what does it all mean? Did someone just pass through the hallway? Can my grandmother really see what I do? I do not have all the answers, but if you are interested I am happy to share my experiences with you, and I am looking forward to hear about your experiences. Together, we can discuss and openly talk about spiritual matters, our own experiences and thoughts. We will connect with new, likeminded friends and perhaps gain insights about events from the past. At least 10 people are required for the group session.

Sunday afternoons from 02.00-4.30 pm.

  • 26th of November

The fee is SEK 135 including coffee and cake.

There will be theme evenings: angel cards, picture interpretation, having fun with the aura, dowsing rods and intuition exercises.

You do not need to commit to all the sessions. But I ask you to sign up for all the sessions you wish to attend, so that we do not exceed the number of participants. It is important that everybody is given the time and possibility to express themselves.


For more information or to sign up:

Phone: 0581-51900

E-mail: info@creativexperiences.com


Ingela Collin, “House medium” at Terry Evans course centre in Fanthyttan

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