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Former students

Certified Mediums: When having a private consultation you sit with the medium one-to-one. The information offered in this setting tends to be much deeper and offers a greater degree of intimacy than that of a clairvoyant demonstration.

Certified Advanced Mediums: Here, Terry’s former students have completed an advanced education in medium development. During this education they have e.g. been giving clairvoyant demonstrations. These students have not been taught “ghostbusting”, i.e. psychic investigation and cleansing locations or houses showing unusual disturbances in the environment.

Certified Psychic Investigators: Former students that have completed a basic course in “Psychic investigation and cleansing”, i.e. paranormal investigation at locations or in houses showing unusual disturbances in the environment.

Certified Mountain Meditation Leaders: The Mountain Leaders listed below are open to welcoming clients for Mountain Meditation groups.

Certified Teachers: The teachers listed below can accomodate students for basic training within the fields of Intuition, Mental Mediumship and Spiritual Healing with the Mountain Meditation as a foundation.

Register of former students

Everyone listed is registered for F-tax (corporation tax).
We have no experience or knowledge of the course contents or other arrangements they are offering, apart from the education they have received at Creative Experiences Terry Evans AB.


Katarina Stenfelt, Stockholm

Certified: Advanced mediumship
Company: Senzafine
Webite: senzafine.se
Mobile: 073-316 29 71



Siv-Marie Sjöberg, Björna

Certified: Mediumship, Advanced Mediumship
Company: Siv-Marie Sjöberg
Mobile: 070-348 85 85
E-mail: siv-marie@hotmail.com



Yvonne Järbratt, Göteborg

Certified: Mediumship, Advanced Mediumship
Company: Yvonne Järbratt
Mobile: 070-253 51 72
E-mail: yvonnej025@gmail.com



Anki Pettersson, Nora

Certified: Mediumship
Company: Annikki Pettersson
Website: ankipettersson.se
Mobile: 070-213 35 81
E-mail: anki001@hotmail.com



Gunilla Lundin, Undersvik

Certified: Mediumship, Advanced Mediumship, Ghostbusting
Company: Gunillas Hela Dig
Mobile: 070-310 81 54
E-mail: gunilla@gunillasheladig.se



Ingela Ludvigsson, Storuman

Certified: Ghostbusting
Company: Rofyllt
Mobile: 073-644 79 62




Agneta Leisjö, Sandöverken

Certified: Mediumship, Ghostbusting
Company: Hästmassage och Rehabilitering
Mobile: 070-541 62 67
E-mail: agneta.leisjo@telia.com




Nina Hed, Hudiksvall

Certified: Mediumship, Mountain Meditation leader
Company: Complexus
Website: Complexus
Mobile: 070-372 51 93
E-mail: info@complexus.se



Marita Bladh, Örebro

Certified: Mediumship, Advanced Mediumship, Ghostbusting, Teacher
Company: Marita Bladh
Website: maritabladh.se
Mobile: 073-774 59 65
E-mail: marita.e.bladh@gmail.com



Ingela Collin, Fanthyttan

Certified: Mediumship, Advanced Mediumship, Ghostbusting
Company: Maginas
Website: Maginas.se
Phone/Mobile: 0581-51900 eller 070-306 06 43
E-mail: info@creativexperiences.com eller ingela@maginas.se



Malin Hellström, Kilafors

Certified: Mediumship, Ghostbusting
Company: Malin Hellström
Website: malinhellstrom.com
Mobiel: 073-804 42 97
E-mail: hellstrommalin@spray.se



Helene Jonsson, Vadstena

Certified: Mediumship, Advanced mediumship, Ghostbusting
Company: Näckrosen
Website: Näckrosen Helene
Mobile: 0143-201 51 eller 070-633 52 91
E-mail: jonsson_helene@yahoo.se




Ingrid Röös, Höör

Certified: Mediumship
Company: Viskande Änglar
Website: viskandeanglar.n.nu
Mobile: 070-866 27 92
E-mail: roos.ingrid@hotmail.com



Lasse Rydström, Färjestaden

Certified: Mediumship, Advanced Mediumship, Ghostbusting, Teacher
Company: Lars-Olof Rydström
Website: sevenheaven.se
Mobile: 0485-383 28 eller 073-995 87 78
E-mail: anitalrydstrom@gmail.com



Camilla Sahlén, Borås

Certified: Mediumship, Advanced Mediumship, Ghostbusting
Company: Zenhouse
Website: zenhouse.se
Mobile: 073-617 88 78
E-mail: camilla@zenhouse.se



Sanna Hultin, Emmaboda

Certified: Mediumship, Mountain Meditation leader
Company: Nya Perspektiv
Website: Nya Perspektiv
Mobile: 070-876 53 39
E-mail: sanna@nyaperspektiv.nu


Liz Emanuelsson, Göteborg

Certified: Advanced Mediumship, Ghostbusting
Company: Ett Medium
Website: ettmedium.se
Mobile: 070-783 32 18
E-mail: liz@ettmedium.se



Eva Drufva, Linköping

Certified: Medium, Advanced Medium, Psychic investigator within paranormal activity, Mountain Meditation leader, Teacher
Company: Nya Insikter
Mobile: 073-035 04 56


Elisabeth Augustsson, Alingsås

Certified: Medium, Mountain leader
Company: Tuvan Helhetsterapi
Website:Tuvans Helhetsterapi
Mobile: 070-881 25 66



Izabella Dear, Stockholm

Certified: Medium
Company: http://www.dearangelandspirit.com
Mobile: 0703-25 11 15
E-mail: Mediumandhealing@gmail.com



Marianne Glimmerud, Sala

Certified: Advanced Medium, Ghostbusting
Company: Mediala möten
Website: http://medialamoten.weebly.com/
Mobile: 0702-37 79 19
E-mail: medialamoten@gmail.com


Helen Engström, Köping

Certified: Medium, Mountain Meditation leader
Company: Harmony of spirit
Mobile: 073-6269606
E-mail: info@helenengstrom.com


Eva Storgaard, Västerås

Utbildad: Medium, Spiritual healing
Företag: Våga Leva
Mobil:  073-25 22 117
E-mail: vagaleva@live.se


Anette Gidlöf, Örebro

Utbildad: Medium, Healer
Företag: Anette Gidlöf
Mobil: 070-6267670
E-mail: anette.gidlof@gmail.com



Catariina Johansson, Sandhult

Utbildad: Medium, Ghostbusting
Företag: Hjärtebro
Mobil:  076-338 47 02
E-mail: catariina.johansson@hjartebro.se


Johan Hedvall, Örebro

 Medium, Spiritual healing
Företag: Hedvall Consult AB
Mobil:  070-250 33 66



Monica Petersson, Stockholm

Utbildad: Medium and healer
Företag: Nära Till Hands
Mobil: 0702-86 67 89



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