John Pettersson


A new chapter

I have always been some sort of freelancer. On my free time I draw, make animated videos, watch fictional series and write books about my own created characters. Some people may think I am being delusional, while others envy me for being able to let loose and be myself. When my parents were given a […]

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A leap of faith

I remember the time my life was at a crossroads. This was in the beginning of 1989. I was looking for direction, I did...

We come from the light and return to the light

As I begin to write today I can feel the presence of Ascala. He begins to talk to me, saying words I have heard...

Transformation of the Ego

It was early spring when I first set foot in Fanthyttan. Leadership and Personal Development was the name of the course I was attending....

Paranormal experiences in South Africa

In the early eighties my company sent me out to South Africa to a place called Secunda, wich was situated in what was formally...

AN ALIEN ENCOUNTER – The voice of intuition

I read the original manuscript for the first edition to my book “Berget – Vägen till Frihet” (The Mountain – A Road to Freedom)...