Do you long for someone to talk to about ”ghosts” and spiritual matters? Do you have questions and thoughts, experiences you do not understand, or are you just curious? There are many of us who wonder what else could be ”out there”. Do “ghosts” exist? Is there a Spirit World? And what does it all mean? Did someone just pass through the hallway? Can my grandmother really see what I do?

I do not have all the answers, but if you are interested I am happy to share my experiences with you, and I am looking forward to hear about your experiences. Together we can discuss and openly talk about spiritual matters, our own experiences and thoughts. You might connect with new, likeminded friends and perhaps gain insights about events from the past.


SEK135 incl. coffee and cake.

*We reserve the right to change prices.


Sunday afternoons at 14:00-16:30.

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Phone: +46(0)581-519 20

We will have theme afternoons: Angel cards, picture interpretation, playing with the aura, dowsing and intuition exercises.

You do not need to commit to all the sessions. But I ask you to sign up for all the sessions you wish to attend, so that we do not exceed the number of participants. It is important that everybody is given the time and possibility to express themselves.


/Ingela Collin, “House medium” at Terry Evans course centre in Fanthyttan

Ingela 2018-08

Ingela Collin

Ingela started her journey as a healer in 2001 and has been educated both by Risto Laibert and Terry Evans. She has also had advanced training with one of Iceland’s most…

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