During a psychic investigation the medium reads the different energies in a place, a house etc:

  • The individual dynamic and the group/family dynamic
  • The memory/history of the place
  • Disturbing spirits or beings
  • Spirits that have come to offer help (e.g. relatives)
  • The medium establishes contact with possible spirits and conveys the information given to the group/family
  • The medium also conveys information about other energies that might exist in the place/house

Then the medium, assisted by her spirit team, will start guiding lost spirits towards the light and thereafter clear out disturbing energies. The family/group are welcome to help out. It can take a few days before all activities cease.

You are most welcome!

/Ingela Collin Lendin, House medium at Terry Evan’s course centre i Fanthyttan

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Ingela Collin Lendin

Ingela started her journey as a healer in 2001 and has been educated both by Risto Laibert and Terry Evans.

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SEK 1 200 plus mileage allowance.

In case a return visit is needed within a month the cost will be SEK 600 plus mileage allowance, thereafter full price will be charged. 


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