Past life regressions with Rita Borenstein

The 11-13 of March 2019 Rita Borenstein will be visiting Gamla Byskolan. During these days, Rita will be offering a few individual past life regressions. Rita uses Dr. Michael Newton’s method to take the client into a 3-4 hour long past life regression in a deep hypnosis. The purpose with a Life between Lives past life regression is to seek an answer to your own important questions in life.

Since 2012 Rita Borenstein is the only person in Sweden educated at The Newton Institute in the spirit of Dr. Michael Newton.

You can read more about the method on and

Price for one session is 4 000 kr incl. VAT
Time: 3-4 hours

The payment will be invoiced in advance and includes preparations per phone and mail, recordings of the session and contact afterwards if needed.

For booking of a session or more information contact Rita Borenstain via mail:

Rita Borenstein

Rita Borenstein

Rita Borensteins bok

Rita’s newly published book “To Soul Home and back” , explaining LBL hypnosis, is already available for purchase in our webshop.