To Soul Home and Back

“To Soul Home and Back” is about LBL hypnosis that Rita Borenstein has been working with in Sweden since 2012.


The book describes a deep hypnosis that Dr. Michael Newton developed through several decades and called it Life between Lives Hypnotherapy for past life regression. In his books “Journey of Souls” and “Destiny of Souls” he describes how it is possible, in deep hypnosis, to remember your life as a soul, not only a past life but also the life between the lives. After his death in 2016 his work is being continued through The Newton Institute that Rita Borenstein is a member of.

In the book “To Soul Home and Back” Rita not only gives an explanation of how the method works, but also gives a case history with a surgeon that came to her for three LBL past life regressions during 2015. The book is also an autobiographic narration of Rita’s road to personal development through LBL hypnosis.


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